(In Rs)
EMI-Home Loan 60,000
EMI-Vehicle Loan 6,500
EMI-Personal Loan 4,500
All Other EMI 0
Monthly Credit Card Bills
Annual Life Insurance Premium 16,66,7
Annual Medical Insurance Premium
Annual Vehicle Insurance Premium
Monthly Rent 15,000
Monthly Household Expense 15,000
Monthly Phone Bills 2,000
Monthly Utility Bills(Power,Water,Flat Maintense,etc) 10,000
Monthly Children Expense 10,000
Children Maintenenses(Shoppings,etc)
Other Monthly Expenses
(In Rs)
Monthly Salary/Income 150,000
Rental Income 15,000
Any Other Monthly Income

(In Rs)
Saving AC Balance 200,000
Cash in HAND 200,000
NAV of Mutual Funds/Bonds 40,000
Share Value as of today
Any other Investment as of today 5,000

Outflow 124,389
Inflow 165,000
Liquids 445,000

Liquidity Health(LH) 4.9
If LH>6 Comfortable
If LH is 4-6 Manageable
If LH is 2-3 Risky
If LH is <=1 Danger