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With RectifyCredit you get your Credit on track with Simple Steps:
  • Just register yourself on our web Site RectifyCredit.com
  • Send your personal Credit report to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Call your RectifyCredit advisor on 8082554356/57/58/59
  • RectifyCredit Advisors will read you CIBIL report and help you resolving CIBIL issues.
  • RectifyCredit Avisors will handhold you through the credit Report Restoration process.
  • Once your CIBIL Report is repaired you can confidently apply for any loan from any Bank.

You can do it right here, just now by registering on our website, www.rectifycredit.com . On registering, you will receive an email with our contact details and simple instructions to apply for the credit report and sharing it with us. Once we receive your report our team will do a thorough analysis and explain the rectification process.

Our basic fees start from Rs 5000 ( plus taxes as applicable). We charge in advance. These fees are normally based on the effort and support that is needed to assist you to achieve the changes.

We offer the most economical and sure shot approach to achieve your reasonable credit scores mean. We do a detailed analysis of your credit report to understand the issues that could be harming your credit report. We then engage in personalized advise, and handholding on emails and telephones till the defined steps are completed.

The entire process of interaction is generally slow and can take time in months typically 2-3 months. The time taken can be less if the issues are simpler in nature then may be couple of weeks should be enough. But note the entire process can start only after your send us your credit report pulled by you!

Once you receive the report, you could email us the report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you pull out your own credit report it will not create problem for you in any possible way. Your credit score will not be effected.

We respect our customers privacy and do not share your information with any one unless you direct us to do so in writing.