Credit repair services:

Credit repair services:
Credit repair is an advisory service that we provide as a professional service to individuals and corporates. Understanding the report, analyzing it and offering a solution based on your requirement is our forte. So what do our credit repair services consist of?
1. Identifying errors in your credit report.
2. Disputing the incorrect information if any. It could be Personal Information or about Accounts that are updated.
3. Getting updations done in the credit report
4. Communicating with your lenders on your behalf Rectify Credit will work on your behalf to resolve the issues on your credit report.

Building Lines of Credit
It is important that adequate and robust lines of credit are built and maintained to ensure optimal results with the credit repair process. Our team of expert credit repair consultants will guide you through the steps of how to build and maintain lines of credit. Rectify Credit has existing relationships with banks, and other financial institutions that can help you build and develop your credit. With the combined effort of Rectify Credit and your cooperation in maintaining lines of credit, together we will be able to build a healthy credit profile. Resolving Disputes If there are any discrepancies in the report we help you file apt disputes and get them resolved.